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Shamanic healing works with your essence energy, which can be described as your soul or original essence. When the physical body dies, this soul or essence continues.The work I do on the essence level is very gentle, but it can have a tremendous impact on your life. Because this work takes place outside space and time, it is possible to perform shamanic work from a distance. 

In creating a healing opportunity, it is useful to do healing work on the soul first. The soul is the blueprint that tells the other levels of your being (your life force energy, your mind, your emotions and your body) how to be. It informs the universe and world around you what type of relationships and experiences to manifest. 

Many of my clients find shamanic work immensely helpful in searching for clarity about issues such as career, relationship and their soul purpose or life lesson. 

Clients who come with a deep commitment to their personal healing and a willingness to change and grow often experience our work together as life changing. 

Some clients come with symptoms such as depression, fatigue, memory gaps or general dis-ease or been bullied. When I do soul retrival they can recieve a profound healing. For soul retrieval, I journey into the shamanic world and retrieve these separated soul parts and return them to my client and that helps with their self healing and fulfillment. 

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