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How Stress Destroys Office Growth! 


* Stress can damage relationships in work enviroment,which it brings on negative energy,      which impacts teamwork & their  performance.



* Stress can also cause Lack of sleep (Insomnia), which can cause anxiety which can lead to       limited new ideas, inspiration, and innovation.



* Individuals  under stress can start to doubt their true talents, which can lead to limiting         thoughts. and inhibit drive or passion for their work.

Benefits of Meditation

* Office Growth                           *  General Productivity 

* Focus & Clarity of Mind   

*  Employee Loyalty & Retention

*  Conflict Resolution

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* Meditation can help with our focus and clarity at work. We only  only use about 5 % of our mind. In every bussiness in order for success we need to be able to have a clearmind and be able to focus on our goals. We can only achieve those goals only when we have inner peace and clamness that meditation brings to us. 

* A company that offers meditation to their employees obviously cares for their employee's wellness state.              Employee's wellness state some how directly or indirectly will effect the company's well being and growth.

   Employer will gain the loyalty of workers at every level, which will result in less personnel turnover and.

   increased employee retention. Loyal employees will also tend to feel that the success of the company they            work for is directly related to their own success, and therefore they work harder to achieve the company’s            goals which, will result in more productivity.


* A clear mind will express clear thoughts. Clear, effective communication between Doctors, Patients,                  

   managers & employees, is crucial to the smooth running of any business operation.

   Effective communication at all  levels is an area in which many Dental businesses need improvement.                  Meditation brings clarity and, focus to work place.  


* In today’s fast-paced business world, there is no way to avoid stress. However, meditation allows the                    individual to effectively deal with stress, which helps to improve their overall health, reducing their risk of          stroke, disease, clinical depression, and a many of other conditions.                               


* The practice of meditation will help to improve the general productivity in every company. It helps employees     to deal with their stress effectively and be able to focus more clearly on their jobs. When everyone has clear         communication witheach other it results in improvement of each employee productivity. 

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