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               Meditation in your

            Dental Office    

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   Struggling with Stress in your Dental Office?​

 My passion for bringing meditation to the work place started from the time I spent in my Pediatric Dental Office and suffered the negative effects of stress almost the last 10 years of my working life. 

Not only was I under stress but, also felt tired and irritable most of the time. I did not have any boundaries set up with my Team. Therefore I got suddenly quite sick one day with severe nerve impinging on my neck and arms, and I was not able to work. At the same time whatever creativity and patience I had was completely gone and I could get irritable easily.

Today, thanks to my daily meditation practice I feel stress free and so Happy, grounded & fully present in my body. My passion is serving my community. I want offer all my colleagues and their Team how to experience the lightness and awarness that comes with quiting the mind.

As living proof, I know meditation can benefit any individual or business in limitless ways.

The benefits of meditation in our work place have been proven by many reputable institutes, including Harvard School of Bussiness. Many large companies such as Facebook, Google now understand and see the benefit of stillness and meditation and are offering every day classes for their team.  

As we all know In each company the success of a business it always start's from individual level and from there, it build's up a positive ladder of energy through out the business as a whole.

Sadly Stress in our work environment can cause our creativity, inspiration and mental clarity to get blocked, and this can contribute to negativity between team and their relationships and prevent individual and company's growth.

Your team and you can loose sleep, or have anxiety when you really need a patience and collaboration at work place and because of all these reasons your team will start doubting their talents & loosing passion for the work they were trained for and, loose interest in their work. 

Therefore, the success of any business begins with each individual and how they believe in their infinite potential for greatness and limitless creativity and setting virtual boundaries.

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Struggling with Stress & Anxiety in your



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