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Space Clearing

space clearing 

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Space Clearing is a specialized form of energetic clearing that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in every space at very deep levels. It is like clearing energetic “cobwebs” that create stress in our homes, workplaces, and lives. 

I will be in your space for about 2-3 hours and there should not be any pets or persons in the space while I am doing the clearing of your space. Before the session I will send you a form to fill out and express your concerns and after the session I will give you detail information on what I have found and how the energy was restored for ultimate flow and your highest well being.


Every home or office is an energy field that absorbs the emotions, issues, and life experiences of who ever previously or currently occupies the space. Whether it’s divorce, illness, financial issues, or your current life challenges, these energies linger and cause stagnant, draining energy. Symptoms can include low energy, stress, health or financial difficulties, or a general feeling of a lack of ease.

Space clearing of your surroundings can help with “deep cleaning” of your space and, return it to harmonious state.

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