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Mindfulness is about Self Love and Self Care is about honoring the true YOU!

Meditation allows you to easily let go of ideas that don't serve you anymore and move on from toxic relationships and unhealthy things in your life that can poison your mind, body and soul.

When we invite you to meditate with us is because we want help you to provide qulaity time for Self Care.( ME TIME ).


Meditation really works kind of like Spiritual Self Care, and it nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

It helps with clarity of mind and reducing stress, increasing intuition and helps with better sleep.

We live in a world that we are constantly after something and running around, and we don't pause to be grateful for all the things we have in our lives.


Some people always say I can't stop thinking and is hard to sit down and pause!

I say like every thing else in life practice will make you perfect, even if you start with 5 minutes is better than none.

You will start seeing how positive ideas and thoughts will start embracing you . There is incredible sense of clamness and accepting one's feeling and feeling of true LOVE

  Man meditating in yoga position on the
A golden heart in the care of a pair of

    Meditation nourishes your mind, body, and soul

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